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I love cosplaying and bunnies! I'm going to be posting progresses of costumes I work on, either of my own or commissions. Sometimes I like to take photos of other cosplayers and I will share some of those too! I will also be sharing cute pictures of rabbits.
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This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

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I’ve been asked about possibly selling patterns. I am very much interested in this. So far these are the 2 patterns I’ve decided to start with. Winter soldier jacket and bombshell Wonder Woman. I will start working on refining them, digitizing, writing instructions and whatever else I need to make that happen.

It’s a lot of work so it will take sometime. I hope to have some by June.

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Can I just say you are my sewing inspiration? I want to learn and even bought a beginners book. How long did it take you to become confident? What's the trickiest part about sewing to you? I suck at math and drawing so im a little scared.
shushuwafflez shushuwafflez Said:

I couldn’t say I’m all that confident right now. I think the exciting thing about this hobby is that there is always new things to learn ^_^

I think after i made my 20th outfit (not just Cosplay but clothing for everyday wear too) I felt really good. I find sewing things you’d wear everyday really helps to teach you how to sew cleanly and fit clothes properly.

I think it’s less about drawing than understanding how things come together. Be patient and remember that sewing isn’t learnt over night. You are trying to cover a 3D object with a 2D object. It’s a special skill.

Hope you enjoy your projects and good luck!

I wanted to show how I work when I receive a commission. First thing I do is study the subject as well as I can and sketch it out. I find that this step helps me find all the details (can cause a headache cause you just keep seeing more and more lol). I also get all the necessary measurements from the client.

Next I draft out the pattern and test it as well. It’s a long and boring part of the process, but once this step is done well often times the out come is very much worth the time spent.

Next part is the most progressive since lot of things happen. You cut out all the pieces and sew. It’s also hard times since things can go wrong and you have to make minor adjustments. it feels good when the pieces are coming together and not just pieces of paper on the ground lol.

Lastly the last details. Once all the details come together, it just feels awesome and the product is ready for their new home!

Winter soldier jacket commission is done!

I’m really happy with how this came together! I already have more people requesting it and I also have other commissions to make. For today I’m going to rest since I’ve been fighting this awful headache all day.

I look forward to seeing pictures of the entire outfit!


More Kitty la Kitty!

Gamagoori doesn’t have visible tail as he’s got a bob cat tail lol <3
On the other hand Sanageyama’s got a long tail with grey dot. Girl kitties like it <3
I tried to give Nonon’s tail a bit snake-like look. 
Inumuta’s tail is very wavy and silky. 

Lot’s of Sanageyama and Mugu this time, as they’re my fave tomcats. 

First Kitty la Kitty set here

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I died

Pls bury me

This is beyond words.

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It’s amazing when an artist has the talent to express their style in completely different mediums. Illustrator/musician pomodorosa brings out their fresh, casual feel through both stunning illustrations and music.

So beautiful!

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Winter Soldier jacket commission WIP

I’m still getting use to tumblr and well I don’t post much other than Cosplay progress. Right now I’m finishing off a really cool commission! I’m really happy with how it’s coming together ^_^

If you’d like to inquire about commissions please message me! Preferably on my FB page:

Patches back in stock! Grab them while you can!